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Wednesday, 09 November 2011


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Password may soon be obsolete because of the facial recognition boom. I would however like to see a facial recognition and finger print reader (the one that reads a pulse, heat, depth of finger print besides the obvious print pattern)

I find the "password reset" / "short-term-login-token by email" idea interesting for users and sites in the case where you expect a password to be compromised (perhaps not using SSL for some reason). Not good practice, but better than leaving user-set passwords dangling in thin air.

Aside from that though this raises another important point: if someone compromises your email account they can compromise everything, regardless of how strong your other accounts' passwords are. I don't recall ever seeing an "opt-out" option for password reset by email.

To that end I'm glad to see Google adopting banking-grade authentication, even if it's opt-in.

Hi Skeptic,

You're welcome - and thanks back to you :)
We would very much appreciate your opinion on pidder. If you find the time let us know what you think - e.g. via mail.


Hi Elsbeth,

Thank you for the kind words. I will try pidder and if I find it as interesting and solid as you claim, I'll add it to the post. Or perhaps I'll find time to write about circumstances where some of the other features you mention can be useful.


As you are mentioning 1Password and KeepassX - may we call your attention to pidder. It's a Privacy by Design web-based password manager that provides also identity management, anonymous, pseudonymous, or public use and encrypted communication.

Great article btw. - there can't be enough awareness nowadays concerning this topic.

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