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Tuesday, 08 February 2011


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"Training NoScript may seem inconvenient for a while"

More like "extremely frustrating forever". Every time I've installed it, I've uninstalled it a few days later because it's impossible to get anything done. Stuff just doesn't work, and you reload the page and it still doesn't work. It really needs to be based on a huge whitelist, not just block every legit site in existence by default.

After reading your entry, I immediately installed NoScript. After two days of use, I am delighted with it. It's a real eye-opener to see how much goes on after one click. (I find that even just typing this, Typepad.com wants me to permit yahooapis, quantserve, and scorecardresearch.com.)

I was afraid this experience would be like asking to be prompted whenever a cookie is set -- totally unlivable. But the options of allowing scripts fully in domains you trust, allowing SOME scripts one-time use, and forbidding some scripts outright make this a nice blend of safety and livability. Thanks for the tip!

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