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You may just have solved all my woes, solution looks so simple and easy - thanks


Follow the "Home Backbone LAN" directions in the article. You should be able to attach your Airport Express to a HomePlug Ethernet Adapter in one of the remote rooms, then put another airport adapter "near" your Extreme and plug it into the Extreme's "internal network" Ethernet port. Configure the network to allow you to roam as I did. I'd get the fastest HomePlug adapters you can afford. Remember that wiring quality may affect the actual throughput.

Perhaps you can help me. I have an old house in Mexico with brick, stone and adobe walls up to 70cm thick, and my internet access point is about 25 meters to the farthest bedroom. I have a wireless network (Apple Airport Extreme) that works fine in one-third of the house. I added an Airport Express in the living room in an attempt to extend the range of the network, but that only worked intermittently, never very well, and that recently gave up the ghost. I want to be able to use Airplay to stream Netflix, etc. using a VPN and to provide a wireless internet connection for guests in the bedrooms.

I would like to use the electrical system to expand the network to the rest of the house. Is it possible to use powerline adapters in various areas of the house, and then attach some kind of wireless router to them to extend my wireless network? If so, what equipment do I need and what problems should I look out for? I have a two year old iMac with 4 gigs of RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo Intel Core 2 Duo with a processor speed 2.66 GHz, running Lion.

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