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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


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His premise os based upon things being either-or which is silly. Staff training budgets don't deplete hardware and software column entries.

The #1 bit of advice we can give end-users is : Update your software and operating system, daily

#2? be as skeptical as Dave when conducting business or having fun, online.

Thanks for this Dave. I think you're spot on with your observations. The other thing which I think is always relevant to keep in mind is that with Security awareness, one size doesn't fit all. So while the awareness techniques and programs we try to drive may not work for all users, there will definitely be at least a subset of the population who pay attention and pick up the messages. Is it worth the effort for this subset? I think it definitely is on balance. For the others, finance should be diverted for other activities, some of which Atiel suggests. So it's all about the right balance.

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