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Thursday, 09 September 2010


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Hi Stephanie,

So far, I've found no way to block domains or URLs in the Nook browser. If you have a broadband firewall/router you can check to see if you are able to set parental controls or filter domains there. You could also consider changing your name server (DNS) to OpenDNS so you can take advantage of the "family shield" Other DNS providers may have similar solutions. Of course, parental controls of this kind are only good when your child is on your home network. Public school networks often (by law) have parental controls. Public Wifi hotspots are another matter.

Is there a way to lock kids out of any area that can get them on line? Any parental contol features?

Kstaxman, hello!

I have not found a VPN client for the nook, so you are correct that nook traffic cannot be encrypted beyond the WLAN. I understand that the nook uses a custom DRM scheme that encrypts downloaded content using an encrypted credit card number as the DRM key but that doesn't apply to anything you download via the web browser.

I have found articles at and describing how the nook has been hacked (physically compromised), so I would not use a Nook to store sensitive data (I recommend an IronKey USB drive).

A big question with readers like the Nook and using Wi-Fi is "does it offer any security for the data being sent?" They say they support WPA, WPA2, and WEP but those are only secure when you are on a network you control as once data is at the switch/router the data is available to anyone else signed on with only a simple hack attack. So does the Nook or Kindle allow for running any kind of VPN service that would provide true security for public Wi-Fi spots or are we open for hacks.

I followed the same process and came to the opposite conclusion. I find the nook interface a laughable kludge, and I like the Amazon library better. My Kindle is on the way. I guess divergent opinions like ours is what makes the gadget world go 'round, huh?

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